Monday, March 17, 2008

electronic stores

Jameco (we have catalog's in the office)

All Electronics (we have catalogs in the office)

Sandy's (In town)


beta said...

Since 40% of my job is ordering electronics parts, I'll post other places for people to search. All of them have semi-decent online search engines.

Mouser Electronics is a decent place and is apparently used around here (I recognized the distinct mouser part number on the resistors, tuesday).

And if you order over $100 they upgrade shipping to 2 or 3 day and only charge you ground shipping (useful where I work).

Arrow Electronics
Do not believe the prices on the website. When you find a part, call the number, 800-833-3557 Extention 4843 (Andrew). He'll get ya good prices - Tell him Meghan told you to call =)

Force Electronics
Same deal as with arrow - ya can't believe the price on the site. Call and ask. I usually deal with Mary (our rep), Alice is nice as well.

When other places are out of stock, they usually have it. Never been terribly successful at price negotiations there.

A little more expensive, but they have a wide range of things and can be cheaper than mouser (they do charge tax in addition to shipping, however).

I also recommend people get together on this, because you can get much better pricing when ordering in quantity.

beta said...

Corrected Arrow Link (stupid www.)